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Oriole《– Lan Tung (2016)

Ba Ban Variations《八板變奏曲– Lan Tung 

Ma Cao《罵曹– Lan Tung (2015)

Sound of Dragon《龍吟滄海– Lan Tung (2014)

Peony Dreams《牡丹驚夢– Lan Tung 

Hopefully Happily Ever After《永遠幸福嗎?– Lan Tung 

Lan Tung – composer

As a composer, Lan Tung creates a new voice that draws inspiration from her background in Chinese music and, at the same time, incorporates influences from various genres: from western contemporary music, creative improvisation, to various ethnic styles. Her rhythmic intricacy has a direct influence from Indian music, while her passionate melodies from Flamenco and Central Asian music, and the sense of breath/space from Chinese music. She uses elements of traditional music as bridges to connect between Asian and western ears, while experimenting with contradictions by taking culturally specific materials outside their context and fusing them with other genres. She also draws inspiration from ancient myth, philosophy, poetry, paintings, landscape, and other imageries. Incorporating improvisation and graphic notations with Asian traditions, she explores a new territory to discover fresh sounds.

Lan’s composition credits range from chamber, improvisational, world and fusion, theatre, dance, choral to film music. Her music has been performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra,Turning Point Ensemble, Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (Vancouver & Toronto),Upstream Ensemble (Halifax), Atlas Ensemble (Amsterdam & Helsinki), Chai Found Music Workshop and Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra (Taipei). Lan is the main composer of the Orchid Ensemble, and also composes regularly for Birds of Paradox and Lalun. In 2012, she established “Proliferasin” to perform her works written in the combination of graphic and conventional notations for improvising musicians. Lan’s compositions and arrangements can be heard on a number of CDs: Life Death Tears Dream, Birds of Paradox, Road to Kashgar, Heartland and Tandava, winning multiple nominations by the JUNO Awards, Independent Music Awards, Canadian Independent Music Awards, and Western Canadian Music Awards.