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Sound of Dragon Music Festival – Concert 1: Anand Avirmed (Mongolia/US)

Mongolian throat singing & horsehead fiddle
8pm Friday May 24, 2024年5月24日星期五晚上8點
The Annex,
823 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Anand Avirmed – khoomei & morin khuur
(Mongolian throat singing & horsehead fiddle) 蒙古呼麥 & 馬頭琴

Khoomei throat singing techniques reproduce sounds heard in nature –  water flowing, the wind blowing, echoes in mountains, the calls of animals. Traditionally used in shamanic ceremonies, it is now performed at festive events. The selection of songs are evocative of the vast grassland through which nomadic tribes of herdsmen move across the landscape in an eternal seasonal cycle.

From a musical family, Anand Avirmed is a 23 year old Mongolian musician, born in Washington DC. Since his youth, Anand has been performing Mongolian traditional folk music at numerous cultural events in Mongolia and North America. His desire for broader knowledge of his Mongolian heritage has taken him to study music from the Kalmyks in the West, to the Yakut’s in the North, and all in between. Anand is skilled in five different forms of throat singing (Khoomei). In addition, he performs on a wide range of musical instruments from Mongolia, Central Asia, and the west, including morin khuur (horsehead fiddle), tovshuur, doshpoluur, igil, guitar, jaw harp, piano, and bass guitar. Through an extended itinerary of performing exotic folk music to underground garage Indie rock, Anand in his young and coming career has seen more than his fair share in performing a vast variety of music. Previous performances included his own solo concerts in the Washington DC area, numerous cultural events, and with the Anura music ensemble under his Morin Khuur teacher Urlagbaatariin Khatanbold. Anand was featured at the 2022 Sound of Dragon Music Festival. He has returned this year in response to popular demands.

Anand Avirmed – khoomii (Mongolian throat singing) 呼麥 & morin khuur (Mongolian horsehead fiddle) 馬頭琴
Bruce Bai – khoomii (Mongolian throat singing) 呼麥 & arrangements 編曲
Charlie Lui 呂畇初 – dizi (Chinese flutes) 笛子
Ali Razmi – tar (Persian lute)
Dailin Hsieh 謝岱霖– zheng (Chinese zither)  箏
Lan Tung 董籃 – erhu (Chinese violin) 二胡 & vocal 演唱 & arrangements 編曲
Curtis Andrews – Percussion 打擊