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Proliferasian Fall 2016 concert 

Sep 11, 2016   BUY TICKETS

7:30pm Orpheum Annex (823 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC)
tickets: $15 regular, $10 students/seniors/children

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Traveling freely between composed and improvised worlds, Proliferasianis a unique voice rising from the west coast of Canada. Proliferasian performs cutting edge music rooted in Chinese music and avant-garde jazz, representing the merging of two genres, and embracing even more elements into the equation. The musicians explore the contrasting, complimenting, and sometimes contradicting natures of multiple influences. The result is a new musical species that proliferates and transforms continuously. Proliferasian may take inspiration from Asian music, literature, landscape, legends, or paintings, but its music will definitely break any preconceptions of Asian cultures.
Formed in 2012, Proliferasian consists of some of Vancouver’s most innovative musicians: Lan Tung (erhu/Chinese violin & vocals), JP Carter(trumpet and electronics), Colin Cowan (bass), and Kevin Romain(drums). Joining the band are guitarist Ron Samworth and cellist Finn Manniche.
co-presented by the Sound of Dragon Society, Proliferasian, and Coastal Jazz & Blues Society; sponsored by the BC Arts Council and City of Vancouver