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Sound of Dragon Music Festival
Preserve Heritage, Seek Innovation

2024 Festival Performers & Schedule 
Annex Theatre: 823 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3L4

The Sound of Dragon Music Festival, debuted in 2014, is held in Vancouver every two years. It is Vancouver’s first festival devoted to “Chinese music”, showcasing very diverse musical styles: ancient folk and classical repertoire, contemporary compositions, jazz, world, fusion, and avant-garde improvisation in solo, chamber, and orchestral performances. While presenting authentic traditional music, the festival promotes creativity and innovation in imaginative new ensembles and projects, utilizing unusual cross-cultural instrumentations. By presenting musicians, ensembles and composers from different ethnicities, nationalities, and musical genres, Sound of Dragon re-defines “Chinese music” and reflects Vancouver’s growing multicultural environment, representing a highly creative music scene.

Activities – concerts, music & painting workshop, cross-cultural music jam. In addition to ticketed concerts, the festival offers many free activities to the public, including many outreach events in the Greater Vancouver before the festival weekend.

“Something for every ear… Instruments are not limited to cultures. It is the first time Chinese instruments have been showcased this way” – CBC News, 2014

From hidden treasures to brand-new discoveries …Sound of Dragon might be rooted in Chinese culture, but it’s also an exciting reflection of Vancouver’s diversity—and when all is accounted for, it looks like a gift”. – Georgia Straight, May 7, 2014

‘We have no idea why this hasn’t been done before, but we’re glad the Orchid Ensemble’s Lan Tung has organized this long-overdue festival: her eclectic interests will ensure an eye-opening look at the very wide world of “Chinese music”.’ – Georgia Straight 2014

“Vancouver’s biennial celebration of Asian sounds returns with a program that spans everything from new Chinese chamber music to a genre-smashing showcase of intercultural improvisation”. – Georgia Straight, 2016

龍吟滄海音樂節 – 2024年5月23~26日


龍吟滄海音樂節創始於2014年,每兩年在溫哥華市中心舉行,主要使用場地為Annext劇場,連續四天。音樂節稟持承襲傳統、追求創新的精神,展現華人傳統樂器的多元風貌。東、西樂器同台獻藝,演繹傳統民俗和古典樂、當代原創作品、爵士樂、世界音樂、即興實驗音樂等。在保存、宣揚傳統文化精髓的同時,也改變一般民眾對傳統樂器的刻版印象。除音樂會外,音樂節還有免費推廣活動:民族音樂工作坊 ,及歡迎全家參與的音樂派對等。