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Hymn to Aphrodite (2015) – Marco Bidin

This work is freely inspired by the ancient poem of Sappho, a Greek lyric poet (around 600 BCE). The music reflects the wish for love of the poet, whose sufferings are deep but always permeated by a sensual aura and a positive inner energy. The performers, unless where otherwise indicated, are free to add ornaments to the music according to their taste (especially on the Chinese instruments). As a general rule, it should be avoided to create too sudden, extreme dynamic changes.

Immortal Aphrodite of the shimmering throne, daughter of Zeus, weaver of wiles, I pray thee crush not my spirit with anguish and distress, O Queen. But come hither if ever before thou didst hear my voice afar, and hearken, and leaving the golden house of thy father, comest with chariot yoked, and swift birds drew thee, their swift pinions fluttering over the dark earth, from heaven through mid-space. Quickly they arrived; and thou blessed one with immortal countenance smiling didst ask: What now is befallen me and why now I call and what I in my heart’s madness, most desire. What fair one now wouldst thou draw to love thee? Who wrongs thee Sappho? For even if she flies she shall soon follow and if she rejects gifts, shall soon offer them and if she loves not shall soon love, however reluctant. Come I pray thee now and release me from cruel cares, and let my heart accomplish all that it desires, and be thou my ally.

Marco BidinMarco Bidin is an Italian organist, harpsichordist and composer. After graduating in Organ and Organ Composition from the Conservatory of Udine, Italy, he studied at the Trossingen University of Music, Germany, where he graduated in Organ and Early Music Performance. He completed a Master in Contemporary Music Performance and a Master in Composition (with Marco Stroppa) at the University of Music of Stuttgart, Germany, where he is currently studying Computer Music with Piet J. Meyer.

Equally interested in Early and Contemporary Music, he has widely performed as a soloist in Italy, Germany, Croatia, Spain, France, Japan, Korea and Vatican City. He has also performed with several soloists and ensembles and premiered works by composers like J.Palmer, T.Björklund, H.Cheng among others. He has recorded for Radio Vaticana, Taukay and ALEA. His compositions have been performed in important festivals in Germany, France, Korea and Cina.

He lectured in contemporary music for harpsichord and is now Tutor for the Studio for Electronic Music at the University of Music of Stuttgart. He gave courses, master-classes, and lecture-concerts in Germany, Italy and Korea.

Marco Bidin is also the artistic director of ALEA, Associazione Laboratorio Espressioni Artistiche, in Pordenone, Italy. He is founder and director of the international INCONTRI project, focusing on eastern and western culture in contemporary music.