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Chao Tian 田超 (China/US)

旅美扬琴演奏家,华盛顿音乐家协会理事,美国欧洲艺术学院(EAA)世界音乐系讲师,“行樂”(Always Folk)传统艺术推广工作室总监,女子十二乐坊前成员及自由撰稿人。2010年毕业于中国音乐学院扬琴硕士研究生,后任教于北京语言大学并参与大量艺术教育与传统艺术推广工作,2015年定居美国。

田超出生于北京,5岁师从扬琴演奏家李小刚先生习琴。1997年考入中国音乐学院附中,先后师从任伯杰和张侠两位老师。2003年保送中国音乐学院本科并获新生奖学金,在本科及研究生学习期间师从著名扬琴大师项祖华教授。在求学时期,田超与校友共同创建了行樂室内乐团。2018年,田超受聘于北京语言大学艺术学院。来美后,田超入选了美国马里兰斯特拉斯莫尔艺术中心的驻院艺术家项目,成为该项目十余年来的首位华人音乐家。田超与世界打击乐演奏家Tom Teasley创建的音乐组合东·西(Dong Xi),以东西方两种声音形式上演着跨时空与文化的音乐对话,获华盛顿地区音乐奖(WAMMIE Award)最佳世界音乐艺术家/组合奖项。田超的音乐创作包括與视觉艺术的合作、融合中国音乐词汇和美学的即兴创作,並有志於以音乐缓解冲突和疗愈。她作为马里兰大学NextLOOK项目艺术家发起的项目 “未闻之声 “(Unheard Sounds)致力于更好地探索移民艺术家的自我表达。2022年田超受到马里兰艺术委会资助成为民间艺术项目学徒,研习美国扬琴音乐及演奏。

meet Chao Tian

CHAO TIAN is a Chinese dulcimer virtuoso, improvisor, sound designer, and visual artist. Her dexterity has led to her breaking down barriers and working across creative genres. Chao explores the distinct sounds and techniques of the Chinese dulcimer in order to create a multidimensional sensation of improvisation. Her creative interests include synesthesia in cross-disciplinary collaboration: interplay between visual arts and music; Chinese musical vocabulary and philosophy in improvisation; and music as a response to conflict alleviation and healing. Her latest project “Unheard Sounds” is exploration for self-expression as an immigrant artist. Chao’s music reflects her role as a leader of younger generation Chinese musicians and her understanding of traditional and contemporary music in the east and the west. 

Her musical journey began at the age of 5, and at age 12, she gained entrance to the Affiliated Middle School of the China Conservatory of Music with a major in Chinese dulcimer. Later, she was recommended for immediate admission to the China Conservatory of Music, where she obtained the Master’s Degree of Arts in Musical Performance in 2010. In 2015 she was accepted into the prestigious Artist in Residence program at the Strathmore Music Center in the US. Chao is the NextLOOK Artist at the University of Maryland (2021-2022), and she is studying American hammered dulcimer with Karen Ashbrook with the support of the Folklife Apprenticeship Program of the Maryland States Arts Council. Her project Dong Xi is the winner of The Best World Music Artist/ Group of the WAMMIE Award 2019.