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Chih Chen Wei

Clouds (2018) – Chih Chen Wei (Taiwan) – world premiere
Inspired by the transformations of clouds in the sky, this composition CLOUDS also implied the aspects of Chinese landscape painting.  The direct physical connection between the painter and the meditational approach used in this ancient tradition played a key role in the shaping of the long heterophonically treated melodic phrases.  The long-phrase heterophony ultimately determines the work’s structure. The final goal is to express an idealistic, optimistic, harmonious and beautiful view of paradise in the hope of nurturing mankind’s spirit.

Casting in a single movement, there are six main sections, although the dividing line between each is deliberately obscured. The entire piece starts slowly and ultimately reaches a wild multi-voiced, frantic climax which is followed by a detached and contemplative mood at the end.

《雲》- 魏志真 (台灣),世界首演
感受到來自天空中的雲彩變化,這首曲子運用了中國山水畫的精神: 畫家與感受大自然而有的冥想的關聯。異音音樂的寫作方法開啟了整首的長樂句的表現方式,最終希望達到有理想、樂觀、和諧的美麗淨土,能夠滋養人的心靈。全曲共有六大段,然而每段的分界都相當模糊。在慢而長的長樂句表現方式之後,音樂來到了全曲最激昂與瘋狂的高點,接著則是超然遙遠而冥想式的結束。