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Workshops for Composers

In order to provide the resources for composers unfamiliar with these instruments, the Sound of Dragon Society will present a series of workshops in October & November 2016. These workshops are free to the public and sponsored by the SOCAN Foundation.
Location – Canadian Music Centre, 837 Davie St, Vancouver

1) 2-4pm on Sunday Oct 25, 2015
winds: dizi/xiao and western flutes in various sizes, presented by Charlie Lui and Mark McGregor

2) 2-4pm on Sunday Nov 8, 2015, presented by Nicole Li and Lan Tung
strings: erhu/gaohu/zhonghu

3) 2-4pm on Sunday Nov 15, 2015
plucked: zhong ruan/daruan and classical guitar, presented by Zhimin Yu and Itamar Erez

Additional resources will be available under About-Chinese Instruments at