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Qin: closeness ()relation ()piano () !

Mother’s Day Special Concert”, featuring pianist/composer Lee Pui Ming (Toronto) 

Sunday May 11, 2014 – 7-8pm, Performance Centre, Roundhouse

Pianist/composer Lee Pui Ming returns to Vancouver to share an evening of improvised playing – music of the moment sourced from years of cultivation of musical languages, attention, listening and responding. In celebration of Mother’s Day, a portion of the concert is dedicated to the memory of her late mother – Hui Pui, or Xu Pei (許佩老師), a well-respected voice teacher who taught numerous singing and acting stars in Hong Kong from the 50’s to the 80’s.

 “qin” pronounced as “chin”

Living Improvisation – Lee Pui Ming Workshop
Thursday May 8, 2014
7-8:30pm at Western Front, co-presented with Western Front
303 8 Ave E, Vancouver, BC V5T 1S1
(604) 876-9343
$10/ FREE Western Front members
Registration required:

We improvise all the time. From moment to moment, we listen, assess, initiate / respond to what arises within and around us. My and everyone’s choices affect and shape our experience. Music-making is a form of focused playing in this dynamic web of interconnection. In this gathering, we will explore more mindfully what we do automatically, and we can share our individual practices of improvisation. Bring yourself, and bring an instrument if you wish.

Lee Pui Ming had music in her blood before she was born. Her mother was a singer first of western operas, later a performer and teacher of popular Chinese and western songs. Songs, of all kinds, swam in the womb. Pui Ming began piano lessons at the age of three. Music travelled with her, and she travelled through music.

After several academic degrees in western classical music, Pui Ming made a turn and began the path of creating and performing her own music. Six recordings and decades later, she has led The Lee Pui Ming Ensemble performing her compositions of contemporary music for Chinese instruments, and composed for The Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. She has performed, toured and recorded with the founding members of the musique actuelle community from Montreal. Her most recent recording, “she comes to shore” (Innova Recordings), contains improvised solos and a concerto for improvised piano and orchestra. A 60-mins commission from Kokoro Dance premiered in Vancouver in 2013 with a score for string quartet. As a performing artist, Pui Ming has played every major jazz festival in Canada, and toured the U.S., Europe and Asia. A Double Concerto for improvised piano, percussion and orchestra commissioned by The Bay-Atlantic Orchestra is scheduled to premiere in November, 2014. Lee Pui Ming has been awarded The Freddie Stone Award (2000) recognizing her contribution to improvised music in Canada, and the K. M. Hunter Artist Award (2005) from The Ontario Arts Council.

Lee Pui Ming’s composer residency is sponsored by the SOCAN Foundation




五月八日晚上七點至八點半於Western Front 舉行
請洽(604) 876-9343(英語)




在李佩鳴的母親懷她時,音樂已流貫於她的血液中。她的先母許佩女士早期從事西方歌劇演唱,後來專注中西流行歌曲的表演和訓練工作。佩鳴三歳開 始學習鋼琴,從此,音樂便成為她人生旅程的良伴。完成了多個西方古典音樂學位之後,她開始創作和表演自己的音樂。經過二十多年專心的創作,她先後出 版了六張個人音樂專輯,並帶領李佩鳴樂團以中國樂器演奏個人的作品,同時也為香港中樂團作曲。她曾多次跟滿地可多位當代音樂樂壇創始人合作演出、巡迴表演 和錄音。佩鳴的近作 「她踏浪而來」(She comes to shore) (由Innova Recordings製作),收錄了鋼琴即興獨奏和以鋼琴與交響樂團合奏的即興協奏曲。她更獲得著名的【心舞蹈團】(Kokoro Dance) 委託,創作了六十分鐘的弦樂四重奏,於二零一三年在温哥華首演。作為一位表演藝術家,佩鳴先後在加拿大主要的爵士樂節演出,並且走遍美國、歐洲和亞洲巡演。近年,佩鳴接受了【大西洋灣區交響樂團】(Bay-Alantic Orchestra) 的委託,編寫以鋼琴、打擊樂和交响樂結合而成的即興雙重交響樂,將會在二零一四年十一月首演。

李佩鳴對加拿大即興和現代音樂的貢獻,深受廣泛的認同,她先後在二零零零年榮獲著名的使東大奬(The Freddie Stone Award),以及二零零五年取得安大略省藝術協會頒發的亨特藝術家大奬 (K. M. Hunter Artist Award)。