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Oliver & Yu duo (Vancouver)

Saturday May 10, 2014 – 2:20-3:10pm, Performance Centre, Roundhouse

Composer & guitarist John Oliver and master ruan (“moon guitar”) player Zhimin Yu formed a duo in 2006 specializing in the performance of high-energy, high-quality music, featuring new works and arrangements. The two instruments, Chinese guitar and guitar, create a special sound together, revealing unique sonic possibilities. The musicians express music from classical to contemporary, from east to west, exploring the whole world and its cultures. Their fresh, exciting, and new musical style leaves the audience with a deep and strong impression.


作曲家&吉他演奏家约翰·奥利弗和阮(中国吉他)演奏家于志敏在2006 年成立了奥利弗于二重奏乐团。乐团的特点是用充满激情的高水平演奏各种风格的音乐,特别是新音乐。这两件乐器:中国吉他和吉他一起演奏,音响非常特殊,奇妙有特色。他们演奏的音乐从古典到现代,从东方到西方,如同穿越世界各地和各种文化的音乐之旅,他们富有想象力的音乐表现,充满活力和创新的音乐风格及其高水平的演奏,给观众留下了深刻的印象。