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Lan Tung & Proliferasian – 10-11pm, Performance Centre
(with special guest Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Chih-Sheng Chen)

Proliferasian features Lan Tung’s compositions for improvising musicians. Trained in Chinese and contemporary music, Lan also studied Indian, Flamenco, and Uyghur music and welcomed influences from her cross-cultural collaborations in the past 20 years. Taking culturally specific materials outside their context to inspire the musicians’ journeys in improvisation, Proliferasian explores the contrasting, complementing, and sometimes contradicting natures of many influences. Lan Tung (erhu & vocal) is joined by JP Carter (trumpet), Dave Chokroun (bass), and Kevin Romain (drums), who have contributed immensely for Proliferasian’s cutting edge sound. Although inspired by Asian music, literature, landscape, legends, or paintings, Proliferasian’s music will definitely break any preconception of Asian culture.

為了結合即興演奏與現代樂創作, 董籃創立了Proliferasian ,成為她發揮個人風格的最佳代表。集作曲、二胡演奏、與歌唱於一身,董籃為Proliferasian譜寫每一個作品。突破傳統作曲模式,融入圖象記譜,引導每個樂手發揮想象,透過即興演奏進行臨場的再次創作,以至於樂團每次演出,對每首樂曲都有不同的詮釋。董籃的創作,源於她自小在臺灣學習的中國音樂,融合移民加拿大後接觸到的不同民族的傳統音樂, 加上多年來對許多加拿大現代作品的演繹,以及不斷實踐學習的即興音樂。 次外Proliferasian 每位成員,都是溫哥華著名的爵士與即興樂手。他們在樂團伴演著極重要的角色,每個人對音樂的理解及修養,是否有足夠的創造力,都直接影響樂團的表現。這是即興音樂的特點,也是它迷人的地方。