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Nicole Li & Corey Hamm Duo (PEP – Piano and Erhu Project)

Sunday May 11, 2014 – 12-1pm, Performance Centre, Roundhouse

Nicole Li began studying the erhu at the age of six. She started to train vigorously when she entered the Wuhan Conservatory at 11 and won the second place in the Daily Art Competition in China in 2002. In 2008, she graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, under the guidance of erhu master Mr. Wang Yongde. In 2011, she gave her first Vancouver erhu recital. Nicole teaches the erhu in her Richmond Studio, JW Music Studio

Dr. Corey Hamm is an international performing pianist and Assistant Professor of Piano and Chamber Music at the University of British Columbia. He is Director of the UBC Contemporary Players, and he was the winner of the UBC Killam Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008/2009. Dr. Hamm, a contemporary music specialist, has commissioned, premiered and recorded over one hundred solo chamber and concerto works.

In 2012, Nicole teamed up with UBC School of Music’s Corey Hamm to start a new project ‘Piano Erhu Project’ (PEP). The invitation to Canadian composers to create new works for the duo has met enthusiastic responses. With a full original repertoire, they are planning to tour across Canada and China.


李歌Hamm 二胡钢琴重奏 (溫哥華)



Corey Hamm 教授是一位国际钢琴表演艺术家,自2005年起,在卑诗大学担任钢琴及室内管弦乐助理教授,同时他也是UBC当代音乐家组织总监(Director of the UBC Contemporary Players)。Corey Hamm曾获2008-2009年度UBC Killam Award最佳教学奖。作为当代音乐专家,Corey Hamm参与了超过百首独奏室内管弦乐及各类协奏音乐会的录制、首演或参与。


由李歌和Hamm所发起的《钢琴与二胡—跨文化现代作品创作计划》,網羅了許多新作品,繼2012年推出的第一场「Moonless Night」音乐会後,將陸續發表,並录製专辑,在未來加拿大和中国的巡演中,给广大音乐爱好者带来耳目一新的感觉。