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To reflect and raise the awareness of the diversity of practices by presenting unique projects created by musicians in our community:

  1. Diversity in musical styles: we present music in various genres, such as traditional, contemporary, world, jazz, experimental, inter-disciplinary, as long as there is influence of Chinese tradition
  2. Diversity among the collaborating artists: we aim to create a global music community based on the shared interests in the music, rather than nationality or ethnicity.
  3. Diversity in the audiences: we present/create music to enhance the artistic lives of all Canadians, not just for specific ethnic community

The purpose for this objective is to break the pre-consumption of what “Chinese music” is among both the general public and the music community. It aims to increase our audiences by drawing people from different backgrounds. It also broadens the work opportunities for our musicians to be employed in projects which Asian musicians are not conventionally hired for.