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Sam Mikulewicz – composer

Sam Mikulewicz was born in Billings, Montana, in the U.S. He is 22 years of age and currently attending his final semester in the Undergraduate Degree at The University of North Texas. Majoring in Music Composition. he has been a U.S. resident his whole life and has always been fascinated with music and drawing. After graduate, Sam plans to teach English in Japan for a year while continuing to compose music and explore Asian musical styles and traditions. Sam’s long term goal is to compose music for film and animation, and also continue to compose for festivals, competitions, etc. His music has been performed by the Sound of Dragon Ensemble at the Sound of Dragon Music Festival in Vancouver, the Ding Yi Chinese Chamber Music Festival in Singapore, and multiple venues in China. In Taiwan, the Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra performed his work at Taiwan’s prestigious National Concert Hall.

Himawari向日癸– Sam Mikulewicz (US美國)作曲
dizi 竹笛、flute 長笛、erhu 二胡、guitar 吉他、ruan 中阮、cello 大提琴
The piece “Himawari” was created out of my interest in the lifecycle of a Sunflower, and a growing fascination with Chinese and Asian music and instruments. Fittingly, the title is the Japanese word for “sunflower”. The piece was originally composed for Western instruments and dizi, but after learning about the Sound Of Dragon Ensemble, I rearranged it to accommodate more Chinese instruments. I also created this piece in hopes of garnering a relationship of combined western and eastern styles of music, which continues to inspire my music and me. – Sam Mikulewicz