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traditional repertoire

Squabbling Ducks《鴨子拌嘴》(1982) An Zhi-Shun安志順(1932-)
Drawing the materials from Xian traditional percussion music西安鼓樂, the composer used various techniques of the Chinese percussion instruments to create contrasts in the timber and volume to depict a scene of playful squabbling ducks. The composer is a well-known percussionist in China.

Song of Joy歡樂歌》 Silk and Bamboo Music 江南絲竹
Song of Joy is one of the eight signature pieces of Jiangnan Sizhu (Silk and Bamboo) repertoire. It has a lively tune with a melodic music that expresses the euphoria of people celebrating joyous occasions and festivals. The piece Joy of Jiangnan was adapted from this piece of music.
江南絲竹八大曲之一,曲調明快熱情,起伏多姿,富有歌唱性,旋律流暢,由慢漸快,表示歡樂情緒逐漸 高漲,常用於喜慶廟會等熱鬧場合,表達了人們在喜慶節日中的歡樂情緒。民族器樂小合奏《江南好》就 是據此改編的。