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Jiang Xiaoran – Composer

Jiang Xiaoran(Shawn)was born in Sichuan, China in 1995. He stared to learn the piano at 4 years old. Shawn has won several provincial piano competitions. In 2013, Shawn entered the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majoring in Composition with Professor Chen Musheng. Shawn collaborated with guqin (qin) master Zheng Xiaoyun, arranging Chinese animation music to be performed on the traditional instruments guzheng and guqin. In 2015, Shawn was appointed the composer-in-residence with Chamber Orchestra-Jupiter. His works were performed at Shanghai Poly Theatre. In the same year, Shawn’s choral work “One Family Across the Strait” was selected by the 32nd Spring of Shanghai International Music Festival (SSIMF) to be performed at the “China Dream, Tide & Wave” concert of original music. The piece was subsequently performed at He Luting Concert Hall. Currently, Shawn is studying composition at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.

Late Autumn (2015)

This piece was premiered at the Auditorium of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2015. Late Autumn started with Shawn’s piano improvisation. He then developed the improvised materials into a chamber work. This was Shawn’s first time structuring a composition with improvisational approach. Supposedly random rhythms were consciously controlled, giving the expressive and romantic quality in “Late Autumn”. The first version of the piece was written for western instruments. The second version, written specifically for the Sound of Dragon Music Festival, used Chinese instruments and stylized with traditional techniques on these instruments.



《Late autumn》创作于2015年,同年首演于上海音乐学院小音乐厅。这部作品源于作者的一段钢琴即兴,之后以钢琴为基础重新配器。这是作者首次尝试以即兴来组织音乐结构。节奏上运用了有控制的偶然,使音乐带有更多的感性、浪漫,这也是作者对秋的理解。作品第一版有钢琴,没有民乐。第二版是作者根据龙吟沧海音乐节的编制重新改编,结合民乐的演奏技巧,使音乐更有一番风味。