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Sound of Dragon Music Festival – Concert 1: 3peoplemusic (Taiwan)

8pm Saturday May 24, 2024年5月24日星期五晚上8點
The Annex (823 Seymour St, Vancouver)

Ticket for May 24-26 Concerts:
per concert Early Bird (purchase by May 1, 2024): $19.99 regular, $15 students/seniors/children
From May 2, $25 regular, $19.99 students/seniors/children
Festival Pass for all 3 concerts: $57 regular, $42 students/seniors/children
單場門票:早鳥優惠價 (5月1日前),普通票 $19.99, 學生/長者/兒童 $15
5月2日起,普通票 $25, 學生/長者/兒童 $19.99
三場音樂會聯票: 普通票 $57,學生/長者/兒童 $42

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Founded in 2013, 3peoplemusic is rooted in the classical traditions of Taiwan, but with a keen eye on the horizons of contemporary music. The trio consists of KUO Jing-Mu on guzheng (zither), PAN I-Tung on zhongruan (lute), and JEN Chung on dizi and xiao (bamboo flutes). This unique instrumentation allows 3peoplemusic to explore a vast sonic landscape, blending elements of classical, contemporary, and world music into a cohesive and innovative sound. The band’s 2016 debut album won a nomination at the 28th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. Change (2021 release) won Best “Cross Genre” Music Album at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards and was nominated for Best Composition and Best Recording. Their international acclaim was further solidified with a Bronze at the 2022 Global Music Awards, while 3rd CD Catalysis: Fusion of Senses (2023 release) earned the trio a nomination for Best “Cross Genre” Music Album at the 34th awards.

3peoplemusic has toured extensively in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, India, Germany, France, and beyond, representing a new voice of Taiwan to the world. They have produced/performed at Folk Tune Variations: 3peoplemusic and Mystery Guests in 2016, performances at the Taiwan International Arts Festival (TIFA) in 2018 and the National Theatre & Concert Hall IDEAS Lab in 2019, a 2020 collaboration with Frances Le Phénix theatre to produce Battle!, and a partnership with the renowned French string quartet Tana Quartet.

三個人3PEOPLEMUSIC 創立於 2013 年,由三位青年音樂家郭靖沐(箏)、潘宜彤(阮)、任重(笛簫) 集結而成,為臺灣少見以古典為底蘊,構築當代音樂思維的創作型室內樂團。2016年入選傳統藝術中心「大師門徒與夥伴計畫」, 參與創新人才培育,與國際接軌。同年發行首張專輯,並入圍第28屆傳藝金曲獎。現已走訪中國、日本、韓國、新加坡、 印度、德國、法國等國家,分享來自臺灣的新聲音。 歷年來自製多場節目,包含2015《三 個人來瘋》、2016《一二三,幾個人?》、 2016兩廳院室內樂系列—民謠變奏《三個人與他們的神秘嘉賓》、2018台灣國際藝術節 (TIFA)《3X3 計畫~異常返響》、2019新點子實驗場《誤讀聲響》、2020與法國國家鳳凰劇院共同製作《Battle!》,並與法國著名弦樂四重奏TANA Quartet合作。做為全球唯一一個由箏、阮及笛組成的三重奏樂團,創團至今譜寫多首跨越時代記憶、玩轉不同風格的專屬作品。三個人致力於傳統再創、 跨界合作與當代音樂。積極參與不同形式之展演,並邀請音樂家合作演出,同時也委託作曲家量身譜曲,創造更加多元且精采的聲音風景。

Jing- Mu Kuo – zheng/Chinese zither 郭靖沐
Born in Yilan, Taiwan, Kuo graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with a Master degree in the Chinese Music Department, and Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently, Kuo is the head of 3PEOPLEMUSIC, the member of C-CAMERATA TAIPEI, and adjunct teacher in Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Kuo has won numerous awards, including the first prize of “2016 TCO (The Taipei Chinese Orchestra) International Composition Competition”, the winner of the “New Artists” award sponsored by the Ministry of Culture from 2013 to 2015, NTCH’s “Young Stars” series in 2013 and 2011, Chiuko Traditional Orchestra’s fourth “New Talent” series in 2012, the best interpretation award of the first Star of Taiwan Traditional Instrument & Tainan Cultural Ambassador Competition in 2010, the champion of the fourteenth Taipei Folk Instrument Competition in 2007, Chinese Music Association’s Plucked and Bowed Strings Competition from 2002 to 2005. Recently, Kuo is commissioned by Taiwanese music groups, including Chinese Music Association, Chinese Music Department of National Taiwan University of Arts, Da Guran Zheng Orchestra, Yu Lin Zheng Orchestra, Zhi Xin Zheng Orchestra, etc., and also collaborates with different performers, composers and cross- field artists, including Trend Education Foundation’s Literature Theater, Boulevard Art Festival Tainan etc. Kuo composes etudes and music pieces for teaching and concerts. Nature in heptatonic scale zheng was published in 2014 and the same name album was released in 2015. The album was nominated for the 27th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional and Music – Best World Fusion Album.
郭靖沐,臺灣宜蘭人,箏樂家/作曲家,三個人3PEOPLEMUSIC的創辦人之一兼團長、臺北中央C室內樂團(C-Camerata)團員、國立臺灣藝術大學中國音樂學系兼任教師。自幼便摘下多項箏比賽桂冠的他,近年致力於當代音樂演奏,探索自身、箏樂與這個時代的關係。於2017至2019年間,策劃三場以新音樂為主題的「箏新視野」音樂會。在精進新音樂以及傳統音樂以外,2015年與2020年分別出版了跨界專輯《自然》,以及自由即興專輯《山》。2022年出版「箏新視野」當代箏樂作品集。其作品《Fern》於 2019年獲選代表臺灣於UNESCO的IRC國際作曲家廣播會議中播映。

Pan I-Tung – ruan/Chinese lute 潘宜彤 – 中阮
Born in Keelung, Taiwan, Pan Itung graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music with an MA, and Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently she is the music executive producer of 3PEOPLEMUSIC and the zhongruan member of A Moving Sound. Pan is the winner of NTCH’s “Young Stars” series in 2012, “Star of TNNUA” in 2007, performed Memory of Yunnan Zhongruan Concerto and the video has hit hundreds of thousands views on YouTube. The champion of National Student Competition of Music for College – Ruan Xian section in 2007, and Chinese Music. Association’s Plucked and Bowed Strings Competition for Youth in 2002 and 2004. In addition to playing zhongruan in 3PEOPLEMUSIC, Pan also tries to compose Spirit of Mountain, The Sensation of the Pentatonic Scale, Grappling with the Ghosts, Suites, etc., and she also collaborates with ensembles of diverse artistic styles. Pan has toured around Europe, America, and Asia. In a recent performance in the States, she was highly acclaimed as the “Asian Eddie Van Halen”. During the study in Shanghai, she attended the recording many times with Bandu Music Publication, including “Bandu Canopy Live Selection CD” with folk songs, “Qu Yi” Bandu Chamber Music groups EP and “Music Moment” Bandu Ruan Trio.

潘宜彤,臺灣基隆人,阮演奏家、作曲家,三個人 3PEOPLEMUSIC音樂監製。自幼便摘下多項阮比賽桂冠的她,致力於阮演奏、教學與創作。演出的大型中阮協奏作品,包括2014年與臺灣愛樂民族管弦樂團合作劉星的《雲南回憶》、2015年與新竹經典青年國樂團合作隋利軍的《假面篝火之舞》、2021年與臺北柳琴室內樂團合作蘇文慶的《綻放》,同年與臺北市立國樂團附設學院國樂團合作劉星的《第二中阮協奏曲》。個人作品《紅氍毹》和《午夜夢迴》收錄於臺北市立國樂團2019年出版的琵琶與阮咸作品精選中。即將在2023年推出個人新製作《咸彈有誌—潘宜彤阮音樂會》,並委託作曲家劉韋志與潘家琳量身打造阮重奏作品。


Jen Chung – dizi/Chinese flutes 任重 – 笛子
Jen Chung is from Taipei, Taiwan and graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts with a Master degree in the Chinese Music Department, and Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts. Currently he is the music director of 3PEOPLEMUSIC member of Vita Eterna, and adjunct teacher of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts. As a student, he had won the prize of Chiuko Traditional Orchestra’s “New Talent” series in 2012. Champion of New Art’s “Star Show” competition in 2007, and was selected in “New Star of Music – Traditional Chinese Instruments” of Taipei Chinese Orchestra. Champion of Taipei Folk Orchestra Huang Zhong Award for youth in 2006, Chinese Music Association’s dizi competition for adults in 2005, Tainan County Competition of Music for College A section in 2005. Santa Fe’s Minister of Culture described his performance as “ Jen Chung crosses the boundaries between east and west via music, and his performance is very touching.” In recent years, he has invited by Taiwanese music groups and performers to commission, including Taipei Chinese Orchestra, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, Chinese Music Association, Chinese Music Department of National Taiwan University of Arts, and String Orchestra of Tainan National University of the Arts, etc. Arrangements and music works for 3PEOPLEMUSIC: One Sound, Three Different Romances in a Row, Slowly Rowing on Jasmine Waves, Two Pieces – Amoeba and Spray, Whispering Hope, Cloudy Day for Xindi, heptatonic scale Zheng, pentatonic scale Zheng and Bandoneon.

任重,臺灣臺北人,笛演奏家/作曲家/鋼琴合作,現為國立臺灣藝術大學跨域表藝所博士生。就學期間主修笛、鋼琴,亦修習理論 作曲、指揮。自幼起即為臺灣各主要音樂比賽之常勝軍,曾參加臺灣音樂比賽兒童組、少年組、高中組、大專組、中華國樂學會笛成人組、黃鐘獎等皆榮獲特優第一名。目前為「三個 人」音樂總監,並任教於國立臺灣藝術大學、中國文化大學、國立臺灣戲曲學院。做為笛子演奏家出演協奏曲,與李哲藝教授、許瀞心教授、姜智譯教授等多位指揮家合作。做為作曲家,受邀為香港中樂團、臺北市立國樂團、高雄市立國樂團、桃園市立國樂團、臺南樂集、臺灣藝術大學國樂系、中華國樂學會等政府、民間、教學單位創作,並曾與指揮郭聯昌、廖曉玲、王正平、郭哲誠、葉和中、黃光佑、陳志昇、邱君強、陳秋盛等合作作品發表。其創作作品亦被撰寫論文: 笛協奏曲《年年》、二胡協奏曲《島祭》、音樂劇場《巴別之塔—奪回勇者之心》、揚琴鋼琴二重奏《天黑了》。


The ruan is an indigenous Chinese plucked string instrument with over 2000 years of history. In the ancient time, ruan was also called qin pipa. The instrument received its present name after the famous player Ruan Xian. By the Tang dynasty (618-907 AD), ruan had become a popular instrument in both court music and folk music. The modern ruan family includes gaoyin ruan (sporano), xiao ruan (small), zhong ruan (medium), da ruan (large), and di ruan (bass). These instruments are constructed almost identically, but in different sizes. Zhong ruan and da ruan are the most common ones, and they are the instruments available in the Sound of Dragon Ensemble.

Chinese transverse flutes are called Dizi (笛子). They are made of different types of bamboo tubes and available in various sizes and keys. “The tube is closed at the blowing end with a cork, open at the bottom. Distributed along the upper surface are a blow-hole, membrane hole and six finger-holes, with two end-holes on the underside which define the length of the vibrating air column and may be used to attach a string or decorative tassel” (Yueqi, Thrasher & Wong 2011).

Traditionally, a dizi is made of one piece of bamboo tube. Today, many dizi are made of two pieces of bamboo tubes. Adjusting the tightness of how the two pieces connect together allows the player to fine tune the instrument. The membrane hole is covered by a fine piece of bamboo skin from the inner surface of the tube, which produces the unique buzzing tone.